A quick look at poverty

The grumbling sound of my stomach cawed

at the softness of that piece of bread;

at the lightness of that piece of bread.

The sticky chewed-up wet clump of wheat traversed

from my roughened esophagus down to my yearning stomach.

Acid solidified inside as I sparingly parsed

each of the remaining aliment.

Tomorrow, I shall not glut!

** Please be advised that I don’t own the photo. Copyright infringement is not intended **


2 thoughts on “Hunger

  1. A disease that our government continuously failed to cure for so many decades. Sharing a single loaf of bread at random can mage a huge difference. People need to think about careless-spending. Buying a scarf in the Philippines, I commend thee for thy patience of waiting for the winter season. A single piece of extra, unneeded, useless cloth can snatch a couple hundreds of pesos from you. A hundred pesos can afford more than 10 loaves of bread, enough to feed two families for one meal.

    • Exactly my point. Not that I am following Ayn Rand’s anti-commercialism idealism. It’s just too depressing at times–to see famished families at the mercy of the wealthy.

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