Of Cheesecakes, Mapping Trinoma, and Getting Way Too LOST

I’ve never gotten any opportunity before to have a serious mother-and-daughter ONLY bonding time with mama. Funny that Kuya Dano’s cheesecake has been THAT instrumental for me and my crazy mother to wreck havoc in Trinoma and almost pee while laughing like a pair of drunkards around the mall.

We arrived there before five but was informed by Kuya that they (he and his partner, Chi) will be running late as he has just returned from his rehab. Hence, the mother-and-daughter tandem decided to frolic across the grounds of Trinoma–and mind you, we got lost.

I am not certain if it’s because of our poor eyesight, my simple idiocy and lack of sense of direction, or both, that got us in trouble. It was a mess, and I’ve LOVED every second of it. There’s just something about family moments that pinches my heart and makes me trip all the time.

It was after an hour of goofing with mom that we got to finally see the little bakers.  Their products (Say Cheesecake!) are heftily delish for my penchant. I particularly raved for their Espresso Cheesecake. Totally, not a miss.

After chatting and eating the sweets, we proceeded to Max’s (as per mom’s decision) and had a complete meal. I was stuffed before leaving the resto and strolling for an hour and a half more.

While we were going ’round to search for the right elevator that would lead us back to MRT North Avenue, we saw Starbucks. Knowing that my mother has never tasted the somewhat expensive coffee, I took the liberty to invite her in. I could proudly say she was loving the attention.

Mom, this day has been nothing but AWESOME. I love you and I’ll make more AMAZING days with you. ❤




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