A Letter to the 6-year old Me

Dear Kwen,

I know you are having a lot of things to deal with right now. Your hands are pretty tied with studies and dreaming. You are a good kid. I know what it’s like to always want to be good and do really well so that your parents and aunts will be proud of you. I know it takes the life out of you. It sucks, to be blatantly honest about it.  Just enjoy the ride, little one. You don’t need to rush and hurry up! You are doing perfectly fine and are still six year old (if you have forgotten it). Just try to relax a tad bit, okay?

Cast your worries onto the waters and enjoy playing with your friends. When you turn seven, it will be just four to five years more before you become an adolescent. The first stage of it will be “gory.” You’ll be having what they call “menstrual cycle,” but between you and me just name it “that annoying part of being a woman.” Well, I don’t mean to scare you but I just want you to be well prepared because that THING really gets ugly–and you have to be at least 11 years old to understand what I mean.

I heard from someone that you cried really hard the other day. Was it because of your test score in math? Hmmm, I thought so. Math has never been your strength, so why bother worrying about it. Please don’t think that I’m here to give you more doubts to ponder on. God! You are just six and I would never want to traumatize you. Just take my words as a grain of salt. I am (by number) older than you; hence, I rightfully claim the capacity to give these words for your ease.

In the coming years, you will discover that math isn’t everything. You won’t starve not knowing much about it. You can continue breathing and enjoy life as it is without memorizing the multiplication table. Dividend, divisor, multiplier, sum, factor? These words won’t mean a thing if you get sick studying for your 10-item math quizzes. Oh, but don’t flunk any of these, my dear. Being a controlling contrived math freak is far from studying diligently for your exams.

Don’t worry. Studying doesn’t make you any different from other kids. You’ll realize that friends will come and they will definitely want to play with you. And that boy that you see over there in the swing? He’s a looker, right? I know you have a little crush on that guy, but don’t overthink things. He’s basically six, as well. He will not harm you or vanquish you for all eternity if you try to be friends with him. Also, talking to that guy wouldn’t cause you pregnancy and a miserable life.

Go now! Study and play! Watch more Scooby Doo shows for in a matter of six years, Cartoon Network will be taking out that show. Make as many friends as you want. Your dreams of becoming an engineer will change. Believe me! Stop punishing yourself, you little minx.

Love and Kisses,

23-year old Kwen


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