December 9-13: Days of Pleasure (and Two of Pain)

At the craziness of my days, I barely have the luxury to keep up with my tight schedule. To be honest, I haven’t placed anything worth reading or staring at in my organizer due to my inability to lend some time for that trivial matter. Nonetheless, I’ll try my best to organize my dailies here.

December 9: Movie Date w/ Frances (w/ the “E” not “I”)

"Immortals" (2011)

My friend Frances (female), a co-teacher-con-friend-of-mine, and I went out to watch the movie “Immortals.” It wasn’t that fabulous and some details were twisted–thus, floating away from the original information. But hey, it’s a movie–a good one, even, to watch and enjoy with your best buddies.

The movie is all about Theseus (Henry Cavill) and his adventure in finding the Epirus Bow, which is said to be very helpful and powerful. The Hyperion King of Crete, Hyperion (Mickey Rourke), wanted this right at his possession so that he could free the Titans and launch an all-out war against the gods.

HIGHLIGHTS (The Good and the Bad, REVISITED)

* Henry Cavill’s ripping abs and rocking mascular physique

* Worth watching visual effects

* Fight scenes

* Mickey Rourke’s scary means of having people follow his chain of command

* The lovely virgin oracle priestess called Phaedra (Freida Pinto)

* The “butt exposure” of the virgin oracle and all of its corruption

* Some annoyingly funny speech delivered by Theseus in the midst of the war with the evil king’s crew (so funny and annoying that I suddenly remembered Stomp the Yard)

* Young gods (who barely knew how to act the parts decently)

* … and Socrates’ quote (“All men’s souls are immortal, but the souls of the righteous are immortal and divine.”)

Official Trailer below:

Other fun things Frances and I got to do included eating at Banaple, picture taking, and tea bonding at Starbucks. One word to encapsulate our bonding: LOVELY!

The oily faces say it all. It was a fun night. A break from my usual crazy schedule.

December 10: Lazy Saturday

Francis (my fiancé) and I had a small conversation (and we all know what the operational definition of “conversation” between partners and lovers is, right?). It ended up well and we were able to patch things up. He worked for the entire day and I laid in bed, contemplating.

I thought of enrolling at Instituto Cervantes but worried about hurting my pocket. Instead, I’ve decided to just practically enroll after my sister’s graduation. Probably, I will enjoy reading Spanish self-help guides online. I wouldn’t want to make the wrong decisions in life, would I?

December 11: Shopping w/ Francis (VT Christmas Party)

Last Sunday spelled “crazy” with a capital C. Earlier that morning, Francis and I went shopping and saved some. We’re glad we still managed to throw in a couple of hundreds in our financial book. It’s a serious dilemma for us.

We got hold of my gift for the party (fish stuff for Big Mac) and ate a decent meal at Secret Recipe. Mee Goreng was not fanciful. I hated the taste and the price. LESSON LEARNED: Secret Recipe is not for US.

Gladly, the VT Party at Brazil! Brazil! was worth the starvation we have endured for hours. Francis, knowing he is a big carnivorous animal, enjoyed all the meat he lavished on. He and I never go to places as such for the simple reason that they are way beyond our league. The buffet costs roughly 800 PHP, which is good enough for me to buy a nice part of pants or top.


* The exchange gift was fun. I received a nice pair of computer speakers c/o my “monito,” TM Jon.

* Francis and I strolled at the mall. Walking with him, indefinitely, is my favorite activity in recent months. Spending time with him in the littlest extent makes my heart flutter. He holds such great pull and has a tremendous amount of power over me. I AM MARRYING THIS MAN! Yes! I am!

December 12: Pag-Ibig Loan Processing

I am praying really hard that this housing loan will be granted. Lord, please provide us the necessary tools and means to pull out the funds for our housing loan. The house is not fancy and far from my dream house, but it’s a good start. It’s a good nest my Francis and I can make prettier. Likewise, it is security for my family. Mom and Dad are both old already.

The Row Houses

This day redefined the words “battle” and “waiting” in my book. The HELL! It was a pesky and annoying day my mom and I shared. We arrived the Quezon Ave. office of the Realty Developer Company and waited for hours, only to find out that I will still be coming back for the coming days to fill out the following:

Credit Investigation Form

December 13: The Worst 7AM of My Life (to date)

Because of the off-set I filed (for the purpose of going to the realty office on Dec. 12), I had to make up for the time lost in the morning. The ending: I worked my ass off until 11PM. Kathy and Shane were indeed nice enough to allow me in processing the documents on such a short notice.

Come the morning after, I felt like a drunkard with a heavy hangover. I started my shift at exactly seven in the morning and went home four in the afternoon. It was hell and my head hurt. I doubt it’s because of the schedule.

INMHO, it was due to the fact that nothing quite solid transpired from my Dec. 12 appointment. The loan processing is really scary. It’s taking its toll on me and right now I need two things: divine intervention and a DRINK (No, wait! Make that two drinks).


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