The Journey

December 13: The Worst 7AM of My Life (to date)

Just my usual work day minus the extreme headache and sour mood.

December 12: Pag-Ibig Loan Processing

Quezon Ave. was the destination. I got to meet three other borrowers and went for a two-hour ride from QC to Makati! Talk about an awesome day! NO! It was PURE HELL!

December 11: Shopping w/ Francis (VT Christmas Party)

The VT Party was filled with meat. Secret Recipe was a waste of money. Francis and I went through the usual cat-and-dog fight but figure our way out of it. He has THAT temper, if you know what I mean.

December 10: Lazy Saturday

Francis (my fiancé) and I had a small conversation (and we all know what the operational definition of “conversation” between partners and lovers, right?). It ended up well and we were able to patch things up. He worked for the entire day and I laid in bed, contemplating.

December 9: Movie Date w/ Frances (w/ the “E” not “I”)

Movie and tea time with my co-teacher, Frances. She’s a beauty. We enjoyed sharing our love stories. I’m glad to have explored a different activity with a friend that day. It’s a nice and clean break from my crazy and utterly frustrating busy life. I have fun knowing her more and listening to her rants about her work. She may claim that she’s nasty but, dear, she is a sweet lady. Luck for me, I have her as my friend.

Dec. 2: Trinoma Mayhem

I had a date with mom at Trinoma. We ate at Max’s and bought Kuya Dano’s cheesecake at Parvati’s. It was a fulfilling day. I got to spend time with my mom and had her drink Starbucks. I LOVE YOU, Ma. ❤

Sept. 27: A Morning with “Pedring”

Today has been pretty scary. Typhoon “Pedring” came without a warning. I’ve hurried to work (fearing that I would be late and unable to do the things I have to do on a Monday morning) and rode a cab.


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