The Conquests

I am starting to account my dreams and rekindle hope. Working and striving to earn decently for the family is tasking, I must admit. There are even times when I have forgotten how beautiful it is to dream. I may have already given up on hoping– but receiving a Suarez ring from my soon-to-be-husband sparked the old me.

Along with gathering resources for our coming wedding, I’ve rendezvoused with my old desires and new snazzy inklings. The list may go on and on to the point of your reaching boredom. Nonetheless, I will keep adding things up for this worn and torn girl is braving the impossible and living the life she wants.

2012, BABY!!! Please be good to me.

1. Study Spanish (A1 Beginner)

2. Ocular for church

3. Ocular for reception

4. Finalizing caterer

5. Felt flower-making

6. Save 100k until December 2012 (for the wedding)

7. Secure a good-earning job

8. Tutor non-English speakers

9. Find a writing part-time stint

10. Devote more time for Him and not only attend mass every Sunday

11. Dance Lesson 101

12. Jogging, the healthy way to getting trimmed

13. Learn how to cook various viands

14. Buy a graduation gift for sissy

15. Treat the fam @ sissy’s graduation

16. Design the entou dresses (Yes, dresses not gowns)

17. Make my own veil

18. Finish Marcel Proust

19. Pre-Nup (nature effect)

20. Study Labor Code (self-study)

21. Finish my stories (fan fic)

22. Draft for a chic lit

23. Wedding 2012

Dear 23 things, let’s see each other after 2012. I’ll be crossing once I’ve completed and once I’ve succeeded.


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